The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress 2011 : Bangladesh at the Biggest Congress of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists

  International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists’ and pharmaceutical scientists around the world. Every year FIP hosts the most prestigious and one of a kind world congress for the pharmacists and the pharmaceutical scientists in different countries around the world. After several years of staying close to Europe, this year FIP organized it’s 71st International Congress of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences from, 3-8 September, 2011 in Hyderabad, India having the congress theme “Compromising Safety and Quality : A Risky Path”. The objective of the congress is to Network and connect with pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from all over the world.

The FIP Congress is the leading international event offering diverse learning opportunities for those active within all areas of pharmacy. The Congress is the ONLY true global event of its kind, where the pharmacists and the pharmaceutical scientists can become a part of a growing network. The 2011 FIP Congress in Hyderabad brought the participants to a new corner of the globe, but to a new level of connecting with others on a global platform of professional learning and growth. Around ‘2500’ pharmacists and scientists from around the world participated in the congress at Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). FIP was honored to have the president of India ‘Srimati Prathibha Devisingh Patil’ who inaugurated the71st World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2011 and gave her speech for the  motivation of the  pharmacists’ potential around the world. Sentiments were also shared by other dignitaries attending the opening ceremonies including Dr. M Buchmann, The President of FIP; Dr. H Nakatani, Assistant Director General, World Health Organization (WHO); the Governorr, the Chief Minister, the Minister for Medical and Health Affair of Andhra Pradesh, India. The ground breaking parts of the opening ceremony was the official WHO-FIP Joint Statement signed on the Role of the Pharmacist in Tuberculosis Care and Control by FIP President Dr. Michel Buchmann and Assistant Director General of WHO Dr. H Nakatani, following the visit of the President and other Government Officials. The mentionable part is that considering the problem of Tuberculosis care in Bangladesh a group of pharmacists from Bangladesh received a  research grant from FIP to initiate and run a project on Tuberculosis. Bangladesh is one of the nine countries who was honored and privileged to receive this grant for the first time.

Going back to the main conference, it was charmed by several sessions with specific topic holding in each day. The chairs, speakers as well as the audiences in each session were the distinguished scientists, professors and health professionals including Tina Brock, Professor, University of California; Ian Bates, Professor, University of London; Timothy F Chen, Professor, University of Sydney; Takashi Kodama, President, Japan Pharmaceutical Association; Joseph Wang, President, FAPA; Morton P. Goldman, Asst Professor, Lerner college of Medicine, USA; Claire Anderson, Professor, University of Nottingham; Nahoko Kurosawa, Professor, Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University, Japan and many others from around the world.

From Bangladesh three delegates participated in the congress namely Mohammad Kawsar Sharif Siam currently studying in University College London(UCL), London,UK and graduated in Pharmacy from North South University (NSU), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Md. Khalilur Rahman and Muhammad Erfan Uddin, the students of Pharmacy in International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC), Chittagong, Bangladesh.

It was a matter of honor for us as the new generation pharmacists of Banagladesh to learn and witness that Mohammad Kawsar Sharif Siam a pharmacist from Bangladesh was invited by FIP as a speaker to delivered a speech on “Counterfeit Medicine” on 6 September session infront of  around 200 distinguished scientists and health professionals. That session was hosted by Timothy F Chen, Professor, University of Sydney and Ema Paulino, CPS, Portugal.

In the another session, Bangladeshi delegate team represented the country attending the South East Asian FIP-WHO Forum of Pharmaceuticals ( SEARPharm ) Annual meeting, 2011. An organization consisting of eleven countries having five founding and six invited nations member.

Talking about the informal gathering in a formal congress, Taiwan hosted a reception party at the Congress Hall in HICC to show their own country’s cultural hospitality and Japan Pharmacy Assoication hosted a similar Japanese reception at Hotel Westin, India. Bangladesh, as an ever lasting friend nation of both Taiwan and Japan was invited to the receptions. Other than that sseveral general events like Council meeting, FIP Host Madsen Award Lecture, Assembly of Pharmacists, Poster sessions, Exhibitions, Welcome party, Hospital Pharmacy Section Welcome reception, YPG and IPSF International Evening took part during the whole week of the conference. On September 8 at the last day of congress, the closing event was arranged at Novotel Hotel with an enjoyable Gala Dinner.In 2012, FIP will celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary and as such will host the FIP centennial congress, taking place 3-8 October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands- the home country of FIP.

It was an eye opening experience for us, a congress where the health care professionals like scientists, professors are gathering under a roof sharing their views, cultures, activities and so on to one another. We believe by enhancing our participation in this sort of conferences can make up our information and research gap by exchanging ideas with modern world.


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